Jefferson Reporting Unprofessional Behavior
This website provides an additional option for students and trainees to report incidents of unprofessional behavior. After reading this page, if you want to continue and fill out the report form, you can log in with your campus key and password, or you may submit a report anonymously.
Unprofessional behavior
Do you feel your concern is related to unprofessional behavior? This could include conduct that is unwarranted and is reasonably interpreted to be demeaning or offensive. Examples include belittling or berating statements, profanity or disrespectful language, and intentionally degrading or demeaning comments regarding patients and their families.
Benefits of reporting
All Jefferson personnel share responsibility for promoting professional conduct and teamwork and are stakeholders in Jefferson's mission. This includes promoting a culture that encourages consistent responses to disruptive behavior. Appropriate responses depend on the specific behavior and circumstances, including the comfort level of the observer.
Protections to reporter
Protection against retaliation - What is it?
  • Retaliation in any form against a complainant, witness, or other participant in a complaint process.
  • Examples include threats, intimidation, lowered grades or evaluations, demotion, or discharge.
  • Retaliation is a serious policy violation and anyone found to have engaged in retaliation will face disciplinary action up to dismissal/termination of employment.
Approaches to reporting
First, consider speaking directly to the individual. If the concern originates from a misunderstanding or a need for increased sensitivity, the individual may often recognize your concern, respond positively and discontinue similar behavior. Open and direct communication may clarify any misunderstanding or issue(s) and lead to a successful resolution.
Second, consider speaking to an authority figure about your concern. This is particularly true if your concern needs immediate attention.
  • If you are a student, consider addressing the concern with either the course director, clerkship director, Student Affairs Dean (215-503-6988), Dr. John Spandorfer (610-721-4207) or a faculty member with whom you feel comfortable.
  • If you are a medical resident or fellow, consider addressing the concern with the program director, the Graduate Medical Education Deans (215-955-6153) or with a faculty member in your department with whom you feel comfortable.
Reporting via this website
If you choose not to report your concern using the avenues mentioned above or are unsatisfied with the response you received previously, you can raise your concern through this website. Reports made via this website will be kept confidential to the extent possible. You will receive a reply about your concern within one month.
You may continue with the reporting process by logging in with your campus ID and password here or you may report anonymously here.
Anonymous reports, however, are more difficult to investigate and substantiate, likely adding delay to when remedial action could be taken. Please give serious consideration to submitting a non-anonymous report.